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Postby Charlon » Dec 1st, '17, 4:05 pm

Yo guys, I have a very good computer with a - Geforce gtx 1060 3GB - graphic card. I can play PUBG, Overwatch, etc... without any problem

Unfortunately, since the beginning of the DFWC 2017, I need to exit the game and relaunch it every 5 minutes because it begins to stutter : it drops from 125 FPS to 115 FPS, and when it does this, my strafe isn't complete and I lose speed and good trajectory.

I tried to
-"sync every frame"
-remove threaded optimization from NVIDEA Panel

But nothing worked. Still need to relaunch the game every 5 minutes...

I have only one graphic card so it can't switch while playing.
I play on a ASUS 60hz screen ( I know it sucks comparing to a 120/144hz screen :p )
I really want to improve my scores but this is reeeeeallly annoying.

Anyone has a clue on what's going on ?

I want to improve my GOTHIC strafes !!!
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Postby DrewRose » Dec 2nd, '17, 12:00 am

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Re: Stuttering

Postby Charlon » Dec 2nd, '17, 4:03 am

Thank you man!!

Yes, I'm on Windows 10.
I tried to find the thing about Windows 10 in DFWC FAQ :

But I didn't find it. Can you send me that please?

btw I know defrag forums are kind of dead, is there a discord or something similar? It would be so good if defrag was not so obscure - maybe creating some sort of documentary following a Pro competing during a dfwc!
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