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shooting bug/lagg

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shooting bug/lagg

Postby lorenaustin » Mar 15th, '20, 3:38 pm

Hello everyone,

so i have this annoying thing especially when playing rockets, that sometimes when i shoot a rocket and immediately after i shot it, it shoots another one without me actually hitting mouse1. Also it continues shooting as if mouse1 was pressed and doesn´t stop shooting unless i press mouse 1 again. the thing occurs online and offline and is getting extremely annoying.

has someone experienced something like this and knows what the issue might be?

My pc is a 10 year old potato^2337

AMD Athlon 64 3500+
Radeon x850
4 Gb RAM

Thanks in advance
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Re: shooting bug/lagg

Postby esc?nebuLa » Mar 16th, '20, 9:02 am

Use an engine that takes advantage of raw mouse input, such as iDFe. in_mouse 1 (Raw input in iDFe) is set by default.
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