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Saving randomly

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Saving randomly

Postby Hec Win » Dec 27th, '19, 8:29 am

Dunno how long this problem has been going on but noticed it recently. Basicly when I play offline and I'm trying to do new record, the demos are randomly saved. Like sometimes it won't save the new record and sometimes it is saved, in same map, in same session. It's really confusing like this explanation... I have no idea what might cause this. I have /df_autorecord 3, but sometimes it just doesn't save the demo. It's really random when it saves and not saves.
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Re: Saving randomly

Postby esc?nebuLa » Dec 27th, '19, 12:54 pm

Does it save best record when you set it to 1?

What OS, defrag version, engine?
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